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Thanks for visiting Muzibo! India's one and only destination for Celebrity Callertunes and custom songs,  by this time you must be wondering how this works right? It's easy and defined in below steps:


Steps to Set Callertunes/Custom Tunes

  1. Choose your favorite Celebrity.
  2. Add your name. 
  3. Select Callertunes/Custom Tune that you like. 
  4. Listen how your favorite Celebrity Speak your name. 
  5. Pay & Set it as your Callertunes and flaunt your celeb status. 

Steps to Download Custom Songs :

  1. Click on Mood. 
  2. Choose one Mood. 
  3. Add your or your friends’ name. 
  4. Listen to the custom song. 
  5. Pay & Download your custom song. 
  6. Gift song to your Loved one


Muzibo is India one and only site and app in India where we provide a different user experience by providing Callertunes/Custom Tunes and custom songs.  Callertunes/Custom songs as you know are also known as caller ring back tones known in different versions in operators in India. Like in Airtel Callertunes are known as Hello Tunes, In Vodafone it is known as Callertunes, In Idea it is known as Dialer Tones, In Tata-DoCoMo it is known as Callme tunes, Aircel names it as Dialer Tunes. Callertunes/Custom Tunes have been a favorite amongst users across genres and has been topping the charts for different songs in Bollywood. Muzibo has mastered the art of creating unique Callertunes by bringing Bollywood and regional celebrities from across India in to a single platform to provide fans an opportunity to connect with their favorite Bollywood or regional celebrities in form of Callertunes/Custom Tunes.

Once you have provided the name you can explore the features, which includes Salman Khan Callertunes/Custom Tunes and Custom Hindi Songs. Muzibo has other Bollywood celebs like Arjun kapoor, Tamanna Bhatia, Ayushmaan, Mohanlal & Nirahua too and allows you to choose your favorite Bollywood and regional Celebrity Callertunes/Custom Tune. Not only this, you can click on preview option to listen how the Bollywood celebrities speak your name. For example, by clicking on Custom tunes/Callertunes of Salman Khan you hear your name being spoken by Salman Khan in his own voice, thereby letting you brag about yourself to all the friends who calls you. If you have grown up watching the movies of our very own Salman Khan, or been taken over by the heartthrob personality of Arjun Kapoor, or got lost in the enrapturing voice of Ayushmann Khurana, or have felt like drowning in the eyes of Tamanna Bhatia whenever she takes over the big screen, then Custom Tunes feature is what you should aim for. On special occasions such as anniversary, birthdays or festivals, circulating a copy pasted message from a website would not be sufficient to express your love to someone. You can make someone feel special by gifting a personalized Custom Hindi Song. Just share their names with Muzibo, listen to your custom Hindi song and download to share it with your loved ones and gift them with something unique in other languages as well. These two features can be implemented depending on your mood as well as the occasion. Callertunes/Custom Tunes also include options such as friendship and love to let you decide a more appropriate Callertunes for yourself as per your mood. Now you don’t need to wonder if your Callertunes are the most attractive! Others would be forced to question the worth of their own Callertunes once they hear yours! Muzibo Callertunes/Custom Tunes & Custom Songs is right there to make occasions special!